written by Gene Clark

Intro: B A E (x 2)
A           B                   E
So now this house has grown too small
A              B              E
Don't think of how it used to be
A           B             E
You say you live now in tomorrow
A           B                   E
And there I sense you don't see me
A                B                  E
The clock chimes four you'll turn again then
A          B             E
To take pursuit of empty dreams
A       B         E
My sensitivity is dying
A               B                 E
You're bound to some day think of me
A   B             E
Hey hey can't you see
A    B                E A
Baby don't you lie to me
E          A                  E
I know you think that you must go
B            A              E
Well I think that's alright by me
A       B               E
Nervous words and empty motions
A              B                 E
Claim symptoms just too plain to pass
A            B                      E
I don't know where you think youíre going
A            B                  E
But you have drained my love at last
A        B              E
Tomorrow I'll be slowly movin'
A             B               E
I can't waste all my days the same
A             B                E
Don't stop to think of where I might be
A             B               E
Don't stop to figure who's to blame
End:  G F# F E