The Same One

written by Gene Clark

Am C F Am D7 G
Am A              C
I  walked by your window
C              D           G
I thought that maybe you'd see me
Am   A             C
Knowing there'd be changes
C           D             G
Is this the way it was to be
Bb            Dm                 A
The things we planned just yesterday
Bb          Dm                A      D    D7
Was it only something that we had to say
Am C F Am D7 G
Am   A        C
Last night I remember
C             D                 G
You looked as though you really cared
Am A          C
Today not the same one
C           D            G
You had another face prepared
Bb        Dm                   A
The magic of those things we'd seen
Bb                Dm                   A         D
Vanished with the words that we were supposed to mean
Am C F Am D7 G
Am   A           C
I called up your name and
C          D                  G
Maybe its true that you don't know me
Am  A             C
Could this be the same one
C          D                   G
Who had so much you wished to show me
Bb      Dm              A
I don't know what was to believe
Bb           Dm              A              D
I guess I'll pick my mind up and then I'll leave

from Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers