Rock of Ages

We stood there unable tryin' to keep warm
To make the next town
Oklahoma I go
In a direction of someone
Too old to remember why
He sent us that way

Rock of ages
Till you fall
Turn the pages
Of history calls
In/Even the mountain you will revere\reveal
Are too old to remember why they put us here

Sing the hymns that when we were young
Our mothers/mouths could/couldn't always sung
Now Jesus loves me I want/only to hear
But I don't think
He is too old to know why we're here


Grandma Moses drew like a child
All the scenes of a country mile
And her friends told her see/say what you do
But she's getting older to even remember why/what she drew (was it true/you)

Rock of ages when will you
Come/Crumble down to the sandy shore
Is this all that he makes you do
Just get older till we don't know why we're here anymore


And when you've already been
Around the world and you want to do it again
Rock of ages
You're getting old

Meanwhile Moses climbed the rock
To get the tablets and rules for us
But when he returned down from the mount
All his people were in there so long they forgot what it was about

Sing rock of ages
And turn the pages
Till their ragged edges aging
Sing rock of ages and
Hear/Heal us speak/plead/please
But don't get too old to still believe

Sing rock of ages
Sing it strong
To the wayward
Where others are
And to hear their voices ring
Lest you get too old
And you forget how to sing

Rock of ages
Rock & rollin'
Turn the pages
You're getting older
Rock of ages
You always sing
Before you get too old
You come\crumble down to sing it to\into the sea


from "Gypsy Angel"