Day for Night #2

The road before sometimes is cold
Sometimes it is hard and rocky
But you know the promises are paved with gold
When the preachers are talking
And though tomorrow's sun will rise
Just the same as is for morning
The end of truth the end of life
May dawn upon you without warning
So take to heart my own dear friend
You called your own destination
And do you think you can defend
Any given situation?
As (Is) in glory that rainbow's dream
(That I can't colored situation?)
But you can choose the path you need
You can blame your station


You leave your home life all behind
Was there no love in your childhood
To make you think you need to find/(blind?)
The vision of the wolf out in the wildwood


Tomorrow's sun will rise the same
Will you awake tomorrow mornin'?

from "Gypsy Angel"