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     Flying Forever
 GENE CLARK - ZENMASTER.  October 1998 issue of Record Collector
GENE CLARK Mailing List  Tim Connors, Gene Clark history ByrdWatcher
Benno Radio Sweden: Focus Gene Clark
requires Real Audio
 Gene Clark 20th Anniversary Byrds
Photos by Wm. Allen
 Gene Clark Discography  BYRDSNEST Bio page
by Richard E. Russell
 CRY - Carla Olson, Pat Robinson & John York  Don Negri tribute, July 1991
 Article from THE GUARDIAN,
07/24/98, by David Bennun
 Estate settled
 ByrdsFlyght - Raoul Verolleman  Jude's Gene Clark Page
 Kansas City Star Article, January 1999  Wilson & Alroys Record Reviews/Byrds
   Soundwire review of Fantastic Expedition,
by Marc Walker
 Roger Mcguinn & Gene Clark picture page
(auto loads sound files)
   All Music Guide Bio and Discography  Producer Sid Griffin homepage
   Rough Guide to Rock - Gene Clark  Byrds homepage
   Harvey Gerst Photos  Sony Records ByrdSite
   Tom Robinsons Byrds OnLine  Tipton, Missouri homepage
   Kenton Adlers Byrds homepage  Byrds Family Tree
   McByrds Homepage  Johnathan Bennetts Byrds Page
   Jim Coreys Byrd-related page  Richard Russells Rare and Unreleased
   Chris Hillman Discography
most Gene Clark albums included in this lisitng
 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Byrds Page
   No Depression Review of Flying High  Under the Covers - Photo Book
Aragon Ballroom Interview with VIncent Flanders
 New Tribute Album Released    

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